Moving trucks

to save you bucks


Why Freight Moves Freight?

We can help you ship anything

Freight Moves Freight is a complete shipping solution for anyone who ships product connecting  you with the right carrier, maximizing service at the right price to get your product across town or anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Mexico.  Freight Moves Freight can assist you with any Truckload, Less than Truckload or International Shipment and can move just about anything from salt shakers to heat exchangers!  The only thing we don’t move is Kids and Cows!


Call or email us now to get your product moving down the road or across the ocean!


Less than




Having Trouble getting Trucks?

It is no secret that there are not enough trucks on the road today!


This issue is restricting capacity in the truckload van and flatbed market. We help you work through this challenge by connecting your volume with our other client’s volumes to present to the carrier community a leveraged approach that secures trucks even in the toughest carrier environments.   Freight Moves Freight will make your day easier and assist in satisfying your customer commitments by using this approach!


Give us a shot; we guarantee you will like doing business with Freight Moves Freight!


Simple Process

We have developed a 1 step process for getting your shipments down the road:

Step #1


Call or email us your load requirements and let us go to work for you.


The rest is simple.  Just sit back, relax and get new customers to make more money and ship more freight.


After that, start back over at step one so you can spend more time Making Money!




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